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Capability Consulting Group (CCG) supports businesses at all stages of the business life cycle whether your a private or public business, government or a non-profit entity. CCG has deep expertise in business development, talent acquisition, diversity equity & inclusion, and strategic human resources. Based on your goals we  have developed a robust process to identify your business needs in order to help maximize your potential. From concept phase to the sustained growth phase, CCG partners with you to define and develop measurable goals and strategies  to ensure success for your organization.

Dr. Candis Fields-Johnson


CEO & Founder

Dr. Candis Fields-Johnson, CEO & Founder

Dr. Fields-Johnson has broad experience in Human Resources and Business Development. She has held several positions with reputable Fortune 500 companies in senior level business development and human resources roles. Dr. Fields-Johnson is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and holds a degree in Chemistry from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; a master degree in Organizational Development from Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia; a doctorate degree in Education and Strategic Leadership from Neumann University, Philadelphia, and a post doctorial certification in Human Resource Management from Villanova University, Philadelphia; in addition to several certifications. In addition, she is a certified Organizational Change Agent and Leadership Coach, holds several certifications, and carries great level of passion for topics such as Learning & Development, Talent Management, Strategy and Organizational Development. Dr. Fields-Johnson has a broad business outlook and therefore has focused our mission on partnering with organizations to help build their core business capabilities alongside an incredible team of expert consultants. 

Certifications & Memberships

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